The year 2020 will most likely go down in history as the most challenging year in the modern era. The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world, with businesses being forced to either downsize or cease operations temporarily or permanently. Among those badly hit are the travel and leisure sectors, including the casino gaming industry.

Despite all the grave challenges facing the industry, casinos have geared up to adapt to the unusual times by striking a balance between providing safety and comfort to their guests. MIDORI CLARK CASINO, for one, has established health and safety protocols that aim to keep the virus at bay and prevent it from reaching the casino‘s premises while keeping true to the property’s promise of keeping its guests “Midorified”.

Play safely, play here at Midori

At a time when friends are kept at a distance and smiles are hidden behind masks, the Midori Clark Casino plays it safe to ensure that the property remains COVID-FREE.

The casino wants its patrons to continue enjoying its offerings without compromising their health and safety. This is the reason why Midori is aggressively implementing strict COVID-19 MEASURES AND GUIDELINES.

Among these is the one-meter-apart rule which requires guests and employees to always maintain a safe distance while inside the casino premises. When playing in our SLOT MACHINES and TABLE GAMES, social distancing markers are in place to make sure that guests refrain from sitting next to each other. There are also floor markers and signages within the casino to guide guests about proper social distancing and to avoid queuing.

No surface left unsanitized

With or without the pandemic, Midori is dedicated to keeping its casino premises clean and spotless. As an extra precaution, we have intensified our cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Foot baths are installed upon entry to eliminate germs contracted from outside. High contact areas such as counters, elevators, ATM Machines, restrooms, and gaming equipment are regularly sanitized.

We also utilize antibacterial misting machines in conducting deep cleaning procedures that are scientifically found to help control the spread of coronavirus and disinfecting a larger space or room.

Alcohol and hand sanitizing stations are also installed all over the casino for the use of casino guests.

Wearing is caring

Midori believes that wearing the proper protective equipment is not only a preventive armor against COVID-19 but also a way to show our consideration for other people’s health. This is the reason why wearing protective equipment like face masks and/or face shields at all times is a must for guests and employees.

To ensure the proper disposal of used items, there are designated garbage bins for used PPEs.

Midori goes digital!

As a way to lessen physical contact, Midori Clark Casino is also going digital by creating paperless transactions using the guest’s smartphone. Among those already in use is the online membership application for a Midori Rewards Club card. With Midori’s unique ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, you can sign up for exclusive perks and discounts from Midori anywhere, anytime.

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